The Matthew Jukes 100 Best Australian wines 2009

Website: 100 best Australian wines 2009 - Matthew Jukes

London-based wine writer Matthew Jukes' list of the top 100 wines, released at the 2009 London International Wine Fair in May.

This is the sixth year Jukes has released the list, which has become a popular reference for UK wine consumers and trade.

"In a year of dramatic headlines and events, it is good to be able to launch our strongest hotlist ever. In no other country do we encounter such a range of diversity, innovation and the ability to deliver across such an extreme range of price points," says Jukes.

"Deciding on the final 100 was tougher than ever – we had nearer 200 wines that could conceivably have made it (more than ever before). We hope that the final hotlist will both promote as animated a debate as we had in deciding them, and once again prove its worth as an essential buyer's guide."

Follow the link above to read the full list.


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