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At VisitVineyards.com we love wine and so do you! Between us all we have an amazing amount of experience and know much we probably didn't realise we did.

In our subscriber survey last year we asked for any tips and hints you might have for wine tasting and touring and how to get the most from enjoying the beverage we share.

These tips are all about wine tasting in general, see the links below for other articles with advice on planning and preparation for wine touring and making the most of your cellar door visits.

A big thank you to all the contributors, especially this fellow/gal called Anon who has some very sage advice!

If you have any tips or advice you'd like to share, please email us at feedback@VisitVineyards.com or leave a comment on our Facebook page, link below.


Buy yourself a wine aerator...it makes all the difference to a bottle if red! Mary-lynn L, of Russell Lea, NSW.

There are alternative wine varieties out there including wines made from ingredients other than grapes (e.g. kiwi fruit).  Amateur winemaking groups hold shows, winemaking classes and educations events which can be well worthwhile attending. David W, of Mornington, Vic.

Never look away from a Chardonnay! Amal G, of Hornsby, NSW.

Don't be intimidated. Make up your own mind, your opinion is the only one that matters. Anon.

Rules for wine drinking:  Only do it if you enjoy it  Every glass of bad wine you drink is a glass of good wine you will miss  If you like it, drink it.  It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Anon.

The monthly Fed Square wine tastings (Melbourne) are an excellent way to try wines from different regions without having to get in the car! Anon.

Always drink out of the best glassware makes good wine taste even better. Anon.

Don't be influenced by labels and snobbery. Anon.

It was suggested that I take photos on my iPhone of wine labels that I enjoyed. I still haven't done it, but it's a brilliant idea. Also, I like to shop at Prince Wine store because they keep my purchases in their data base. That way, when I go into the store, they know what wines I like. It's a great service. Kacy M, of Northcote, Vic.

My tip is to issue all your members/subscribers with a small pocket size reminder of the simple personal process for wine tasting. Members of our society carry them and it is often really useful to refer to it to remind ourselves about just what to do and how to get the best from tasting wine. It incorporates a few notes under the headings of : Sight: Swirl: Smell: Sip1 : Sip 2 or Slurp: Savour: Swallow: Each heading carries the briefest of notes. Very basic but useful comments. Roy D, of Chorley, Lancashire, UK.

I  disagree with many reviewers ratings, often I find their recommended wines are quite ordinary. Often personal tastings are the only way i can be sure of newer wines and vintages. This does not apply to the older more established brands. Anon.

When you taste, stick with what has captivated you not what a reputation or someone else says. Anon.


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February 20th, 2014
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