Win award-winning Tasmanian cider from Willie Smith's »

Plus a fabulous NEW wine guide, NEW cookbooks and deeelicious Flavour Pearls!

Willie Smith's Kingston Black 2017 in orchard

Willie Smith's Kingston Black 2017 in orchard [©Willie Smith]

<i>Teatimes A World Tour</i> by Helen Saberi
<i>128 Recipes that saved my life...or at least my dinner</i> by Bridget Davis
<i>The Fabulous Ladies’ Guide to Wine</i> by Jane Thomson
Flavour Pearls, Peninsula Larder


Last month Kingston Black from Willie Smith's Organic Cider was awarded Reserve Champion at an international cider show in the heart of cider country, Somerset in the UK. To share the celebrations and the taste, we have three half cases on offer!

PLUS some new Australian natives feature in Peninsula Larder's Flavour Pearls, there's a fabulous new wine guide for women, a fascinating journey around the world at teatime, a guide to craft beer in NSW and a collection of recipes from the Internet Chef, Bridget Davis, that could save your life, or at least your dinner!

Here's a quick run through on the prizes you could win:

  • **NEW - Kingston Black Cider from Willie Smith's Organic Cider: crafted from the famous cider apple variety after which it was named, Kingston Black is a limited release from apple orchards of the Huon Valley in the Apple Isle. It's officially a Champion cider now and it could be in your hands to raise toast in Spring! »
  • **NEW - Flavour Pearls from Peninsula Larders:  these little beautiful bombs of flavour are simply divine and the new Australian native varieties will add a whole new dimension to your cooking.  Three delectable gift packs to be won »
  • **NEW - The Fabulous Ladies Wine Guide: the first book written specifically for and about women who make wine and those who love it. An eclectic mix of stories, information and articles featuring 16 of the country's best winemakers. Three copies up for grabs »
  • **NEW - Teatimes: A World Tour: get settled with your teacup and tastebuds for a journey around the world at teatime. It's a fascinating insight into the history and traditions that have grown up around this beverage. Three copies of this beautiful book on offer »
  • 128 Recipes that saved my life...or at least my dinner by Bridget Davis: this collection of recipes has been served at Bridget's restaurants and gastropubs and kitchen tables for decades and she relies on these to never let her down. Along with sharing her wealth of knowledge, there are secrets and tips on making the most of these delicious recipes.  We have two copies to be won » 
  • The Beer Lovers's Guide to NSW:  this hand slimline guide is a great way to include some craft breweries in your travel plans. Like wine the best place to taste beer, is at the souce where you hear the story and raison d'être for the flavours and style. Four copies on offer »

Simply click on the links above or the GIVEAWAYS tab on the top menu bar. Enter for each prize you really want to win – if that's all of them, go for your life!

If you're a logged-in subscriber, your details are already there so it's quick and easy to enter. If not, it's free and quick to join! (Please make sure you add your phone number if stipulated).

Good luck – your chances of winning are much higher than the lottery, as our many, many happy winners will testify!

July 04th, 2018
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