Win a limited edition copy of The New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine 1.0

A work of culinary genius by Italian Michelin-starred Chef Gianfranco Chiarini

The food of culinary artist and chef Gianfranco Chiarini

The food of culinary artist and chef Gianfranco Chiarini

Culinary artist and chef Gianfranco Chiarini
The food of culinary artist and chef Gianfranco Chiarini
The food of culinary artist and chef Gianfranco Chiarini
Culinary artist and chef Gianfranco Chiarini


Over the next three years, culinary artist and Italian Executive Chef Gianfranco Chiarni will create a work of culinary genius and artistry with his trilogy of books The Culinary Jewels of the New Renaissance of Italy.  Each jewel – the Emerald, Pearl and Ruby – will be a strictly limited deluxe edition of just 2000 books worldwide.

The first, The New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine 1.0,  has just been published. It was awarded equal first place in our Top 12 Cookbooks of 2010 with NOMA: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine by René Redzepi, of Denmark.  

This is your chance to win your own limited edition, valued at approximately A$290. Thanks to the generosity of the author Chef Gianfranco Chiarini, VisitVineyards.com has THE ONLY COPY WORLDWIDE AVAILABLE FREE.

If you relish the world of food, appreciate the art of presentation and love to immerse yourself in a world of flavours, colours and textures then this book is for you. It will expand your skills and shift your thinking about food, both in the restaurant at at home. There is so much that is new in The New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine 1.0.

Chef Chiarini has spent many years engrossed in diverse cultures and has come to believe that no contemporary culinary culture is 100 per cent pure. With historic invasions and the mixing of peoples around the world, he says 'We are all the result of fusions'.

He has written the book with two purposes in mind: 'to offer a tribute to the ebb and flow of culinary influences between Italy and the rest of the world' and to inspire young chefs to think more deeply and follow their mind, art and soul.

Apart from the magificent recipes, the book's photos are an inspiration in themselves – all taken without any special effects or artificial materials. It's just the food and the art to behold.

The New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine 1.0 should be in every forward-thinking chef's library – whatever level that chef may be at. It's a beacon to the new direction of fusion with a refreshing and deeply thought philosophy.



For your chance to win this deluxe limited edition of The New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine 1.0 , write a short review of a cookbook that you've read and enjoyed. The best review, as judged by the VisitVineyards.com Editorial team, will be published and the author will take possession of this magnificent book.


Runners-up will win a book from our list of favourites including: Wine and Food by Kate Lamont, Eat and Drink by Olly Smith, Produce to Platter Mornington Peninsula and Geelong and surrounds both by Jonette George and Daniele Wilton.


To send us your review:

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So get those creative and culinary juices flowing, and good luck!  



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Reviews submitted remain the property of VisitVineyards.com. The best review(s) will be published, at our discretion. See our other competition terms and conditions here »


The New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine 1.0 by Chef Gianfranco Chiarini can be  purchased from the online retailer blurb.com (in USA) here »

February 01st, 2011
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