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Rosevears Vineyard, Tamar Valley, Tasmania

Rosevears Vineyard, Tamar Valley, Tasmania [©Tourism Tasmania & Ilona Schneider]

Brown Brothers, Milawa, King Valley, Victoria have a wine to suit every palate
The Food Lovers Guide to Perth
Strawberries from Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
Tasmania's Table by Paul County and Nick Osborne


Celebrate the start of vintage in Tasmania's Tamar Valley and Victoria's North East Valleys with fabulous wine from Rosevers Estate and Brown Brothers. Enjoy a sumptous armchair journey through Tasmania's food, drinks and restuarants with Tasmania's Table or discover the best of Perth with The Food Lover's Guide to Perth. Or perhaps indulge in the sweet taste of luscious strawberries from Sunny Ridge.

All these great prizes reflect the very best of their region so make sure you enter now for your chance to sip, savour and feast your eyes.


FIRST PRIZE - 3 half dozens

Vintage has begun in the Tamar Valley in Tasmania and the North East Valleys of Victoria so to celebrate we've got three half dozens to be won from two of their finest wineries.

Rosevears Estate has stunning views over across the Tamar Valley and its vines produce some of the area's best wines under the careful supervision of renowned Tasmanian winemaker Dr Andrew Pirie. Two lucky subscribers wlll get to taste some of Rosevears Estate's finest wines with mixed half dozens including:

  • 2008 Riesling
  • 2008 Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2006 Merlot

Brown Brothers, one of Australia's First Families of Wine, has a comprehensive range of wines developed as a result of their philosophy that wines are as different as the people who drink them.  They have vineyards in various climatic locations and a "kindergarten" winery where their innovative wines are created. This half dozen mix reflects their range and diversity:

  • 2008 Prosecco
  • 2008 Pinot Grigio
  • NV Cienna Rosso
  • 2006 Tempranillo
  • 2008 Shiraz
  • 2005 Shiraz, Mondeuse and Cabernet (Cellar Door Release)

 Brown Brothers' tasting notes here »

 NE Victorian Valley Vintage report here »

 Tamar Valley vintage report here »


SECOND PRIZE - 2 copies signed by the authors

Tasmania's Table by Paul County and Nick Osborne is a sumptuous journey through the food, drink and restaurants found on this produce-rich island. Almost 400 pages are full of information and recipes accompanied by gorgeous photography - all combining to give you a mouth-watering feel for the tastes and sights of this gourmet state. Win this beautiful tome and you'll get a taste from afar of the freshest seafood, tastiest meats, sweetest honey and so much more - enough to make you want to visit and experience it all first hand unless you're one of the lucky ones who live here! 

(RRP A$64.95 plus postage).


THIRD PRIZE - 2 copies

If you're a foodie in the west or planning a trip to Perth, then this brand new edition of the The Food Lover's Guide to Perth is essential reading. Authors Julie Mews and Lisa Hummel-Robson believe "food shopping should not be a chore - it should be enjoyable" and have done their absolute best to present the finest food retailers and food-associated businesses to ensure you do just that. Follow The Guide and you'll come face to face with wonderful food producers and retailers inspired by what they do and keen to share it with you.

 (RRP A$24.95 plus postage).

FOUTH PRIZE - 2 packs

Get a taste of luscious strawberries with this gift pack from the world famous Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm.  Indulge in the sweet taste of two Sunny Ridge jams then head to their picturesque Mornington Peninsula farm and fill your punnets to the brim using your double adult U-Pick pass. Who could resist being surrounded by these sweet red delicious fruits?

(RRP A$30.00 - note that U-Pick pass must be used by 30th April 2010).




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March 01st, 2010
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